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The Enterprise Business Unit at STC Channels forms an integral part of the company, in delivering total communication solutions to meet the needs of the medium and small enterprises. The main objective of the unit remains growing our customer base in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and enable them to become more agile and efficient. We aim to work with our clients in putting together a combination of services that meets their requirements, save the operational cost, support the security and integrity of their business and assist them to become more efficient.

The Enterprise Business Unit offerings consist of the following categories:

  • STC products and services: We offer the SME enterprises with STC products and services ranging from postpaid products (data, mobile and landline) to prepaid products.
  • ICT solutions: With the ongoing demand of ICT solutions, which became an integral part of any business, we have a variety of solutions that meet the diverse needs and requirements. We have established partnerships with the main manufacturers and players in this area.
  • Devices: Our engagement model in this category is direct with the devices manufacturers (mobiles, tablets, accessories). We put our huge portfolio in this segment at the service of our customers to satisfy their business needs and their employees requirements.