Alternative Channels

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The Alternative channel is one of STC Channels’s biggest channels in terms of points of sale and revenue contribution.

The alternative channels offer its services through Modern trade channel and Direct to consumer Channel.

Alternative Key Accounts – Modern Trade:

Modern Trade channel is a very effective and prime channel since it covers different customer segments and is allocated in multi prime locations offering a variety of products and services.

To enhance its network in non-telecom segments, STC Channels conducted several agreements with major retail outlets across the Kingdom to provide a diversified portfolio of products and services and to better serve its clients.

The Modern Trade channel is spread across the Kingdom with +2500 locations and more than 10,000 POS that include Jarir, Extra, Panda, Carrefour, Lulu Market, Al Othaim, Meed and others.

Alternative Sales Force – Direct to Consumer:

Direct to Consumer channel was created as a dedicated channel for outdoor and campaigns model that require high level of expertise to deal with the customers directly on his/her preferred location.

D2C spearheads different segments in the market including households, women, students, etc.

STC Channels focuses to provide on this channel postpaid voice products & FTTH from STC, to market these products and increase customer satisfaction.

Through the experienced execution team and the professional client servicing team, STC Channels aims at meeting clients’ needs and upgrading the quality of services delivered.