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In line with the growing interest in the ICT sector and the Vision 2030 SaleCo launches the comprehensive strategy

In line with the growing interest in the ICT sector, and the increasing need for the change needed to cope with the rapid development of the Saudi and regional markets, Eng. Sulaiman Alzahrani, CEO of [...]

STC honors SaleCo’s Enterprise sales team

In an attempt aimed to motivate employees, and induce the competitive and innovation spirit at work, STC has proudly announced the winners from SaleCo Enterprise Team in the STC “Everyone Wins’’ competition, whereas, the distinguished [...]

SaleCo is a Cisco Certified Partner in the Kingdom

SaleCo announced that it has been certified as a “Cisco select certified partner’’ in Saudi Arabia after achieving all requirements to earn this certification. This certification was granted after demonstrating that SaleCo is qualified to [...]

SaleCo awards the winners in its marketing competitions and offers them BMW cars

SaleCo has awarded the winners of top activation for fingerprint, Top buyer from Mobile Shop distribution and Top buyer from Mobile Shop wholesale competitions) in a celebration held in the mobile market in Mursalat in [...]

SaleCo releases Qwik products

SaleCo has announced the launch of Qwik, SaleCo’s latest products portfolio provided in the Saudi market. Qwik is an electronic recharge platform that enables the customer to recharge his balance through provideing a diversified collection [...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

SaleCo has announced that the new devices released by Samsung (Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus) are available at JeelTech, SaleCo’s e-commerce website. These devices are now available to partners and customers in Saudi Arabia [...]

Hajj Project Preparation workshop

In preparation for Hajj Project 2014, Sale Co. held a workshop on Wednesday, Sep. 24th, 2014 for 200 of Sale Co. Hajj team? at STC regional Office, Umrah area – Makkah. The workshop clarify the [...]

BMW for the sixth winner of Quick Net promotion

In the spirit of Sale Co?s aim to increase and maintain brand loyalty amongst its partners through a stimulating and motivating promotion for shop owners and large clients; Sale Co’s Chief Financial officer Mr. Salem [...]

iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus launching coverage

Sale Co. succeeded with STC partnership in organizing iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus launch last night at the first hour of Sept. 27th 2014, were a large number of costumers how desire to be the [...]

SaleCo launches the Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 plus

SaleCo has organized the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launch across SaleCo branches in the Kingdom on September 24th, 2016. As SaleCo is always keen to enrich its customers experience by [...]